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We provide best Doctors across the globe

We consist of a team of verified doctors who are always ready to help you ,we provide options like chat, video conferencing, and pre booking which we call Token6 .You have access of best doctors at your door steps.

We save your time by revolutionary Token6

Miles Davis rightly said-"Time isn't the main thing it is the only thing".Well, we save your precious time by providing you tokens or virtual appointment directly to the docter from where you can monitor waiting time and patients in queue before you so you can directly reach clinic or hospital on the given time ,which means no more waiting in line and a life streamline.

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we make people genuinely happy

doctors review
Mansi Gupta

This site is a blessing for me

I have been using this app for around a month to book appointments for my granny how is suffering from Osteoporosis .There one of a kind TOKEN system really saves a lot of time. Med-6 always lives up to my expectations ,smooth interface, genuine service ,excellent custumer support.Keep it up Med6.

person review
Jack Sparrow

wow my life is completely different now

I was suffering from tonsils but due to heavy work load i couldn't visit my doctor. This was a perfect solution ,i met Dr Mehra who not only solved my problem but also saveed my time by giving an online appointment. i a highly satisfied and appriciate efforts of Med6 and team.